Hello world!

Welcome to the official blog of J&C Wordsmiths, your friendly “Killers On The Keyboard!”
We are also known as Jack Gannon and Cyndi Williams Barnier, the “J” and “C” of said Wordsmiths. We have already written and published our first novel, “MURDER IN TWOS AND THREES”, the first entry in our new TASK FORCE NOVEL series. Book 2 is already under way… but, that’s all we’ll say here about that for now. If you want to follow more about our upcoming book debut and more about MURDER please add our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/2sAnd3s and website http://www.jandcwordsmiths.com to your browser favorite pages!
So, what exactly is a “wordsmith”? The general definition is “a person, such as a journalist or novelist, whose vocation is writing” (source dictionary.com). Yeah, we could have called ourselves J&C Authors or J&C Novelists… but Wordsmith is a title that forces us to be better than our best. We’ve already challenged ourselves but submitting two short stories to competition, both of which are as totally opposite in story and theme from TWOS AND THREES as possible. We’d tell you about them, but until the competition is over we can’t reveal anything…
What can you expect to see here each visit? We might mention something about TWOS AND THREES, naturally, since we are trying to sell books. But there is also lots going on in our operation with marketing, promoting, signing the finished book and working out the plot details and characters for the second book. There are so many ideas we bounce around in our covert office that at first seem perfect for a TASK FORCE story, then we either write it out completely or dump it, and many times both. (That’s how TWOS AND THREES went from 105,000 words to only 100,500.) Often the discussions about a plot or a character are more entertaining than what ends up “on the page”. Everything we write has to feel as “true-to-life” as possible.
That’s a little bit about your Wordsmiths for now. Check back again for more tidbits behind the writing process. Have a great evening!


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