Serial Killers

Would love -to start a discussion on serial killers.  We are 2 authors that have just published their first novel (Murder in Twos and Threes), wherein we have included a serial killer.  We based him on a lot of research on psychology, sociopaths and psychopaths.  In the book we had to start him very early, as a child, as being abused and neglected.  The book we’re working on now has a female serial killer.  Not so sure how many, statistically, have been “caught” in the real world.  In our book we’re trying to twist her personality, again-from childhood-but this time by a means of guilt, social battering, etc.  So with all that in mind, we’d love to hear from anyone regarding the “personality” of the serial killer.


One thought on “Serial Killers

  1. Toni Young

    I don’t personally know much about being a serial killer but….as a former child who was neglected, tortured and severly abused I can most certainly help with feelings, emotions and reactions to negative stimulus….abandonment issues and of course a full array of very colorful personality dissorders came with my abuse, and Jack knows Im not afraid to delve into it, as now to me its all just an event.



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