Out With the Old, In With the New

Welcome, friends, to the relaunch of the J&C Wordsmiths official blog. Quite paradoxically, we are starting over at the end of the year (if that isn’t a temporal juxtaposition we don’t know what is!) with our little WordPress world here. As we come to the end of the year, what will we be doing to draw you back?

First, of course, we will be linking to our Facebook page (facebook.com/2sAnd3s) so entries here will show up there as well. And if you are joining us here for the first time then by all means check out our Facebook page! Over on FB we may post links to bad puns or great grammatical gaffes from the world (please, Vice President Biden, don’t change your speech patterns now!), events to book signings or anything else we may be doing.

As for us, what are our plans for 2013? We have writing projects enough to drive anyone else to drink! 2012 found us publishing our first novel “MURDER IN TWOS AND THREES” which has maintained a FIVE-STAR RATING on Amazon.com since nearly its first day, followed by the first part of a sequel short story series “TRAIL OF THE TALON” currently available only on Amazon Kindle; part 2 will be available very soon, and we’ll tease here that part 2 has a direct connection to our second novel! Part 3 will be available late January/early February, just as soon as we decide how many victims we will have in part 3… we haven’t decided on a few or a lot!

The end of part 3 of “TALON” will lead into our second novel in our Task Force Novels Series entitled “THE LATRODECTUS MURDERS”, which itself is already being written with a planned publishing date of April 2013. Go ahead, Google “latrodectus”… but it still won’t reveal what the story is about! We’ll tease that “LATRO”, as we call it, will have the same type of end-of-chapter twists and surprises you came to expect in “MURDER”!

If that all wasn’t enough, we’ve already begun preliminary work on the third novel in our Task Force series… we have a title, but we’re not telling you just yet! Gotta save some surprises for you, after all!

And more, we have a new short story coming out in January in ebook format and is not related to our Task Force universe, with other short stories to follow suit!

Somewhere in all that, we’ll have book signings and who knows what else!

Happy New Year!


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