Hey, we’re Southern, after all, y’all…

…well, ok, we’re just a bit behind on “TRAIL OF THE TALON PART 2” and getting it up on Amazon Kindle. We’re blaming the eggnog and cookies during Christmas vacation; and both of us at one time or another was dealing either with sniffles, coughs, fever, and the dancing of hooves on our respective roofs keeping us awake. That’s all behind us now, and we are back to getting TALON 2 edited / formatted / uploaded as fast as possible. And, we are Southern, so “fast” for us could mean after the next mint julep, y’all…

Just kidding! No mint juleps in the office! There is, however, lots of tickety-tickety-tickety on the keyboards as we make sure everything is correct in TALON 2 before uploading. TALON 3 is already plotted and will finish this little short story series to lead into “THE LATRODECTUS MURDERS”, the second novel in our TASK FORCE NOVELS series.

LATRO, as we have nicknamed “THE LATRODECTUS MURDERS”, will definitely “bug” you, the reader, as even though you may Google what “lactrodectus” means it won’t tell you what the story is about. The first chapter is written, and it’s a nice gruesome start to the next TASK FORCE adventure! Other chapters have been written (out of sequence, that’s just how we do it), and the end of LATRO will absolutely just be an “OH MERDE!” moment. (By the way, for those of you who don’t speak French, that was the romantic way of saying “oh shit”.) We’ll give you a little hint: you don’t have to have read the TALON series on Kindle to enjoy LATRO, but there are a couple “Easter Eggs” in TALON that will be followed up in LATRO.

As the great Bugs Bunny says, “Ain’t (we) a stinker?”

Until next time, it’s time to go kill another victim!


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