TRAIL OF THE TALON PART 2 now on Kindle!

Good morning, everyone! We are happy to announce that the second part of our TRAIL OF THE TALON short story series- “BUENOS AIRES ENCOUNTER”- is now available on Amazon Kindle.

The TALON three-part series is set in our TASK FORCE NOVELS universe and features one of the Task Force characters introduced in our first novel MURDER IN TWOS AND THREES: agent Seeker. This chapter follows Seeker and his sometime-girlfriend FBI Special Agent Anderson as they fly to Argentina in pursuit of the international extortionist known only as “The Talon”.

The TALON short story series continues the flavor of TWOS AND THREES: snappy dialogue, emotional characters, and twists on nearly every page. “BUENOS AIRES ENCOUNTER” also plants seeds of what’s to come in the next full-length TASK FORCE novel: “THE LATRODECTUS MURDERS”.

Get your Kindle copy of TALON PART 2 here:


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