The more things stay the same, the more they will change…

Addison glasses


Mattie Cat

2013 is going to be a big year for us. As Johnny Carson’s audience would have asked, “How big is it?”, to which he would reply, “Well, it is so big…” we started off by publishing the second chapter of our three-part TASK FORCE short story series “TRAIL OF THE TALON” on Amazon Kindle, with plans for the final chapter to be published by the end of January. We follow that up with the next full-length novel in the TASK FORCE series, “THE LATRODECTUS MURDERS”, in the spring. During the summer and fall we will have the next TASK FORCE short story series with the third novel in the fall. If that weren’t ambitious enough we have already finished a short story outside the TASK FORCE universe to be published on Amazon Kindle, and we have plans for a special Christmas-season book. As soon as the IT guy for J&C Wordsmiths wakes up from his latest fainting spell all that work will get started!

Our website,, is undergoing redesign to give it a bolder and more compelling view. The website will remain up at all times, and as each page is redone it will be uploaded automatically. So far the home page and the book page for “MURDER IN TWOS AND THREES” have been updated (including many links to online retailers internationally and here in our own Southeast U.S.) with more pages to follow in the upcoming days. You’ll want to return to our website often to see what else has changed! The J&C Wordsmiths IT guy just ordered a bottle of Glenfiddich for his desk, something about needing it to calm his nerves as he learns all his new duties for the year. And Addison, the J&C Wordsmiths Office Administrative Feline, has also requisitioned ten pounds of catnip for his desk for medicinal purposes only. Toonses, the Editorial Feline, will steal half of it without Addison noticing. Mattie the Intern Feline requested reassignment to another office to avoid getting blamed for the stolen catnip.


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