It’s a cold cruel novel

It’s a cold Sunday morning here on the southern coast of South Carolina. Today’s forecast of sunny skies and a high of 57 is only 4 degrees below the recorded average of 61 for this date in January, and the recorded record high of 81 happened way back in 1950 (63 years ago). With no local threat of man-made global warming / climate change / whatever it’s called now on the horizon, we can safely continue plotting the murders of our next serial killer in complete atmospheric comfort (at least for the coming week).

This past week we completed the final chapter in the “TRAIL OF THE TALON” trilogy of Task Force short stories and is now in the editing process with cover design about to begin. Like the prior chapters, Part 3 (subtitled “TALE OF THE TALON”) will be available only on Amazon Kindle… for now. But in our typical style, “TALON” ends with a cliffhanger (albeit a nice cliffhanger) that will be answered in our next novel, “THE LATRODECTUS MURDERS”.

“LATRO” (as we call it for short; after all, “LATRODECTUS” is a mouthful, we admit) will find our Task Force heroes dealing with a new serial killer with a unique murder style. Along with this main story in our second novel we’ll also have our traditional story lines which follow other characters in our universe, all of which will come together at the end. Unlike our first novel, “MURDER IN TWOS AND THREES”, the identity of this serial killer will not be revealed until the end! You, the reader, will be figuring out whodunnit right along with our heroes!

Look for “THE LATRODECTUS MURDERS” coming Spring 2013!


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