Figuring out the clues to hide in plain sight

It wasn’t long after we completed the manuscript for MURDER IN TWOS AND THREES that we began planning for our second novel, now titled THE LATRODECTUS MURDERS. Our heroes of The Task Force will again be searching for a serial killer, this one with a most gruesome modus operandus, and today we finally figured out how this killer will be caught by our heroes.

Our heroes have to find clues in order to track down their new quarry. We have worked out just how hard the clues will be to decipher… and, as we’ve said before, the reader will see the same clues as our intrepid agents. But, it’s taken weeks of research to determine what information can be used to be the infamous “in plain sight” clues, but we got ’em now. It also required a little rewriting of the killer’s backstory to make it work.

Wait, you say, why a backstory for a villain we don’t even identify until the end? Why create a whole life for a character and not reveal anything about said villain? Who said we weren’t? And at the same time we’re not. Oh, what a web we are weaving (pun very much intended)!

If you’ve read TWOS AND THREES you know we populated that story with an abundance of characters. Aside from that novel’s serial killer and his gang, everyone is coming forward into LATRODECTUS to continue all their stories. But we don’t promise that everyone will make it to the end of LATRODECTUS…


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