Us two writers (that there’s called Southern grammar, y’all) are stepping back a moment to take a gander at our “What In the World Are We Doing” files!  Instead of our usual comical commentary, today’s blog will take an inside look at what’s going on in the covert, underground offices of J&C Wordsmiths…

If you’re new to us, we’re just a pair of average retired nerdy geeks that love to delve into the sicko minds of, well, sickos—and write about it.  So… we had this “novel idea” to tackle some psychological/suspense/thriller-type writing.

Not that we’re braggin’ or such, y’all, but facts is facts. Our first novel “Murder In Twos and Threes” has maintained a five-star rating on Amazon almost since the first day. We followed up “Murder” with “Trail of The Talon”, a three-part short story series that follows a couple characters from “Murder” on their own adventure.  That brings us to the next entry in the Task Force Novel series, “The Latrodectus Murders”, currently being written with hopes to publish by this summer. (We originally aimed for spring, but we are Southern, after all!) Not bad for almost two years of writing!

Just so no one has to worry: it’s not necessary for the reader to have already read 2sAnd3s (our first novel’s nickname) nor TALON (shorthand for our short story series) to understand the characters and their backstories in LATRO (nickname for the new novel).  While we would love everyone to purchase everything we’ve written and published already, one can start with LATRO nice and safe (if one really wanted to wait to enter the universe of The Task Force!)

LATRO takes place about a year and a half after 2sAnd3s and about a week after TALON, and we (the authors) approach LATRO quite differently.  2sAnd3s was a combination origin story of the Task Force and its leader, Mark Jason, and the villain, The Biblical Bomber.  LATRO, as a sequel, doesn’t require so much time telling the reader the origin story again, so we’ve saved ourselves 200 pages right off the bat!  Taking a cue from the classic Bond movies, the prologue of LATRO will offer an action scene featuring a couple of the Task Force agents in the middle of a  life & death mission and concludes before Chapter 1 (just like the Main Credits in the Bond movies).  Some of the Prologue adventure will be revisited later in the book.

As the title hints, our new serial killer has something to do with the scientific genus latrodectus. Go Google it, but once the definition is found, it still won’t reveal anything about our next villain, and don’t think that it does! We spent several months on scientific and psychological research to make her (yes, it’s a female killer) even more compelling than The Biblical Bomber.  The difference, however, is that the identity of our new villain won’t be revealed until the last chapter. The reader is challenged to guess the identity before the heroes! The only clue we’ll provide is that this character previously appeared in 2sAnd3s and/or TALON.  (Oh, yes, we’re two terrible teasers!)

LATRO has one storyline that will be intentional comedy relief.  “Comedy in a serial killer novel?” you ask.  Why not? We call it “killer comedy”…

We had the ending plotted a long time now. In today’s murder-plotting meeting (in our covert underground office), we’ve decided to really amp up the emotion at the end, and it’s a finale that neither characters nor readers will see coming.

We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s journey into our sadistic minds. And we conclude by saying that after all this James Bond talk we really have a taste for vodka martinis, shaken, not stirred… (cue the 007 theme music!)

And what did this have to do with vampires?  Not one damn thing!


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