Well, friends, you know that to us (J&C Wordsmiths) words mean things.

However, there are some people who come off as complete asses by opening their mouths. We respect the First Amendment right for anyone to say what they wish but that doesn’t mean they are exempt from others responding to what they say.

So this comes to the point about this dingbat— sorry, highly-educated— principal in Madison, Alabama’s Heritage Elementary School deleting the word “Easter” from the former “Easter Egg Roll” and “Easter Bunny” because she wants to respect all religious diversity and doesn’t want to force Christianity on non-Christian students (although we are interested in learning where the Church of the Easter Bunny is located and what the Reverend Bunny preaches). In honor of this brilliant work of intelligence, J&C Wordsmiths will put up its Holiday Tree from the non-denominational holiday that occurred back in December (and will return this December, by the way, be warned!), decorate it with Holiday ornaments (colored in light pastel colors, of course), enjoy some Holiday chocolates shaped like Bugs Bunny’s lazy cousin and chocolate eggs laid by chocolate chickens, and sing Holiday carols about Dashing Through the Pollen and I Saw Mommy Kissing A Six-Foot Rabbit and Jingle Pine-Combs, and we may even go to our favorite local Chinese restaurant for some Holiday Egg Rolls…

Happy Politically-Correct Springtime Sunday Holiday to all!

P.S.- While we write about serial killers and extortionists and have violence and sex in our stories, we both are lay ministers in our respective churches and are very serious about our special religious holidays. But if someone is going to say something absolutely inane in the name of “not wanting to force Christianity on anyone” or “not wanting to offend anyone”, just remember you are offending us and we will use your words against you!

Happy Easter to all, and Christ Is Risen!


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