We’re gonna be paying for what???

Hey, ya’ll, we do indeed love everyone, well, except the terrorists who want to kill us ’cause we’re infidels.  Anyway, we’re really not that concerned about your lifestyle, where you live, who you live with, and really don’t need to think about what you do in your bedroom… just as long as you buy our books!

However, this entry in our “Words Mean Things” series of blogs has us going “Huh?”  California Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco) filed a bill in the California legislature (Bill AB 460) that would compel health insurers to offer infertility treatment for gay couples.

Here’s where we scratch our heads. As we stated at the beginning, we love everyone and don’t need to dwell on your lifestyle. However, as we learned in high school biology class, it’s impossible for our gay/lesbian friends to have children—simple—’nuff said, right?  God and nature rather made a teeny-tiny requirement that says a male and a female kinda have to be used for reproduction (excluding certain single-cell organisms that reproduce asexually, that is).  So, why are we now learning that taxpayers need to pay for the “infertility” of two men or two women who aren’t capable of natural reproduction?  We’re sorry, friends, but as a taxpayer, our opinion is that “gay infertility” really shouldn’t be something health insurers should be forced to cover, as “gay infertility” is the natural state of being gay.  Right?

If a gay/lesbian couple wants a child—there’s certainly the adoption route (awesome!)—or the sperm donor route for the gals (another awesome!)—then taxpayers aren’t stuck with that billion-dollar Bill passed on by health insurers for “gay infertility” coverage. (Remember, every time government passes a bill into law, the money has to come from somewhere… and that somewhere is always THE TAXPAYERS.)

On that note, we’re gonna go outside the office into the beautiful spring time and have a gay ol’ time watching the birds at the bird feeder…love ya’ll!

Gay Baby


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