They’re Out There, And Getting Paid To Do It…

ImageThe staff of J&C Wordsmiths (two humans, seven cats and one dog located in the Deep South, y’all) take pride in our novels/books/short stories and other “stuff” & we pour our hearts & souls into all of them.  Everything we write has to be perfect, and Tunsis the Office Manger Cat, if nothing else, demands purrfection.  (Not so much with the blogs, but that’s a different story altogether, y’all— the blogging is quick fun for us, and hopefully for you as well!) 

As usual we work in the covert, underground southeast offices of J&C Wordsmiths (of course, working “underground” is a bit of a challenge seeing as how we’re only 3 feet above sea level— it’s complicated—underground here on the coast means standing in a hole only waist-deep at most), and we’ve been workin’ on that next world-famous (or infamous?) novel, but having a bit-o-new-fun with some blogs, too.  (Yes, you caught that, too: we done did a run-on sentence.)  Now, in addition to working on THE LATRODECTUS MURDERS, we keep an eye on the news (TV, print, electronic), because it’s so easy to find stupid things that people do with absolutely straight faces.

While sometimes we need a good belly laugh to get us goin’ (actually, we watch a classic Bugs Bunny cartoon to start our day— but that’s a different story, too), our focus has been on…


 …in both our creative writing and blog subjects.

When Office Manager Tunsis regimented us to the boardroom (oh, the boardroom—times of much augury) to watch a YouTube video of real newspaper headlines, at first we stared at him.  We sorta thought having a feline manager in a novelists’ office was better than any ole human manager was— but we knew it for sure when we saw what he’d discovered online. We now believe human editors need to quit pretending they’re a modern day Lou Grant and leave the bottle at home instead of in their offices’ bottom right desk drawers (same place the catnip resides in our office, uh-um)…so, check out the video link below for Funny Newspaper Headlines!

Then, drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you— and remember to check out our novels!

Funny Newspaper Headlines

(No true, responsible or professional editors were injured in the production of this blog. We only try to share with the public some of those professionals, albeit stupid, who manage to let this “stuff” get into print anyway. But hey, we’re kinda watching you. You know, that First Amendment thing and all, but if you say it and we see it we’re gonna share it!  We don’t judge, folks—that’s not our job. That comes from a much higher court than us, y’all!!)

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