They’re Making Us Feel Crotchety Again

OK, we’ve got another “scratch our heads in disbelief” moment. Hollywood actor Jay Mohr (@jaymohr37) tweeted on Twitter on Monday after the horrific Boston Marathon bombings: “What bothers me most about today is that we’re getting used 2 it. ENOUGH. 2nd amendment must go. Violence has 2 stop. Culture MUST change.”

First, we’ll agree with him that the violence has to stop. This kind of violence will stop when all the terrorists are dead. If there are no terrorists, there can be no terror, right? (We’ll wait while all anti-gun types start to nod their heads as the logic sets in; it won’t hurt, we promise.)

Second, if you want the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution removed, then get 30 states to agree to a Constitutional Convention. If you can’t get 30 states to do so, then stop making asinine comments like this, Mr. Mohr, it just shows how stupid you are with regard to the country’s founding documents. Frankly, you will never get 3 states to agree to a Constitutional Convention to remove the 2nd Amendment, let alone 30. The law-abiding citizens of this country who own guns do not attack their fellow countrymen with firearms; it is the criminal element, which ignores the laws… and just how many thousands of “gun laws” are there in this country, and crimes with guns are still committed? And who commits those crimes? Not the law-abiding gun owners.

Third, where exactly was a gun used in Monday’s terrorist attack? According to what we’ve seen in the media, the explosives were built from regular ol’ kitchen pressure cookers.

Now, using the logic of the Obama administration, since pressure cookers were used to kill and maim people, there needs to be new “pressure cooker control laws”. Hey, what about car wrecks wherein drivers and passengers are killed? We need new “car control laws”! What about stabbing victims? We need new “knife control laws”! What about idiots who sue McDonald’s for serving hot coffee to customers, and then said customers spill the hot coffee in their laps and sue because the hot coffee was not labeled as “hot”? We need new “asshole lawsuit control laws”! What about senators and representatives who pass laws without reading them, and exempt themselves from the laws they pass on to the American people? We need new “politician control laws”! What about people who walk with no shoes on and step on nails? We need new “barefoot control laws”! How about when a man breaks up with a woman? We need new “feelings control laws”! Then there are the people who trip and fall down stairs. We need new “stairs control laws”! Oh, we could so easily go on…!

The intelligence of Jay Mohr’s comments rate right up there in logic as the White House canceling the volunteer-guided tours because of “sequestration” (i.e., reduction in the increase of tax revenue confiscated from the American taxpayers) and yet President Obama hosts a million-dollar party (at taxpayer expense) at the White House.

That’s enough of this rant, friends. We think, however, we have figured out how to kill our victim in chapter 22 now… government took away his gun and he gets killed by a criminal’s unregistered cup of hot coffee poured in his crotch…



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