WE HOPE people have been following us on our Facebook page—but if not, here’s the direct link to bookmark everyone’s browsers: www.facebook.com/2sAnd3s . And, hopefully, there’re a few people out there following us and know that we wrote and published, direct to Kindle, a short story series titled “TRAIL OF THE TALON”.

“TALON” IS a three-part short story series which takes place approximately 18 months after the events in our debut novel “MURDER IN TWOS AND THREES” (yes, another shameless plug for the novel!) The story follows a few of our characters from that novel in their own quick adventure in pursuit of an international extortionist/kidnapper.

NOW WE’RE in the process of bringing “TALON” into the print world as a “TASK FORCE NOVELLA”, and here’s the debut of the cover template! (We’re calling it a “novella” because the word count is @25,000, whereas a “novel” is at least 75,000—one of those decrees mandated by the WORD COUNT DEITIES). We hope to include it in our book signings by this summer.

“TALON—THE NOVELLA” will include a bonus chapter from our next novel, “THE LATRODECTUS MURDERS”.  Not only will people get to read, in print, the second story in our TASK FORCE series but also get a tease for the next novel! “TALON” is a roller coaster of a story as it leads seamlessly into “LATRODECTUS”. For those who loved the psychological twists and turns in “TWOS AND THREES”, no one will believe nor expect what we’re dishing up in “THE LATRODECTUS MURDERS”, it’s even better!

IF THAT wasn’t enough, we’re in the early planning stages of ANOTHER story that follows “LATRODECTUS”.  Yep, it will be another TASK FORCE NOVELETTE highlighting a few more TASK FORCE characters on some of their own missions.

JUST GOES to show, one never knows how many stories J&C Wordsmiths have up their sleeves! We’re always working! Sleep? What’s that? Decaf coffee is evil! The office personnel (our cats) are so demanding!!!


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