THE SPY WHO DROVE ME (To Drink Years Later!)

WAY, WAY, back in the dinosaur days (sometime in the 1970’s during our high school years), the future J&C Wordsmiths, LLC (otherwise known back then simply as Jack and Cyndi) talked about writing our Task Force Series; we even outlined our Task Force Team & what their jobs would be in the books we wanted to write.

AS FATE would have it, we went our separate ways before those books even got out of the brain and onto the paper (no computers to speak of back then, just typewriters and pens and pencils). We’re reflecting back, what, thirty-five years (but who’s counting)? Ahhhh, but we found PROOF, or at least a little piece, of our vision so long ago, tucked away in a box stored in Jack’s house and found this week.

AND LOOK at what we found: the personalized license plate that Jack purchased for his car (and it was also his “CB” handle… oh, how redneck, ya’ll!):

Spy plate 2THE SPY  is dated November, 1985, just a few years after our high school years, yet fresh in mind of a novel series that was to be written sometime in the future, with its main hero character code named “Agent Spy.”

FATE? DESTINY? Whichever it was, it’s here. All these years later, we’ve both retired from our old jobs and writing the TASK FORCE NOVELS series we always wanted to write, and so far it’s going many, many places worldwide.

SOME THINGS are just meant to be…

DO WE need a drink after that extraordinary archeological discovery? You bet! Indiana Jones, eat yer heart out!




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