In this morning’s local newspaper, we happened to read an article that left us feeling, oh, what, happy & sad at the same time? Is it good vs. evil? Nevertheless, it’s no doubt a very controversial issue no matter on which side of that uncomfortable fence one might be teetering!

In a nutshell, the article stated that our county political leaders are considering an expanded ban on smoking on all county-owned property. OK, that’s fine! This would ban all smoking inside and outside county buildings as well as on all county property (parks, etc.). This is following the logic that cutting out smoking leads to healthier individuals and work environments. Makes sense, right? Yer darn tootin’ it makes sense! (Or would that be “yer darn puffin’ it makes sense!”?)

While we have no problem with reducing cigarette smoking (frankly, it doesn’t bother the male member of our writing team at all, as he smokes a pipe on a very irregular basis), but perhaps the politicians are forgetting one important thing: getting people to quit smoking may kill our children.

Go ahead, shake your head, and ask “WHAT?” You read that right.

Remember all the lawsuits against tobacco manufacturers, and all the extra taxes added to the price of a pack of cigarettes, with all that tax revenue intended to go toward children’s health care? Remember when President Obama succeeded in tripling the taxes on that favorite American habit shortly after he took office? Yeah, here’s one of the articles about it:

So to our local leaders we ask, (with absolutely straight faces): is it better to have a healthy work environment or to have children get sick and die because of lack of cigarette tax funds to pay for their health care?

Yeah, we know, that’s sort of taking it to a literal extreme. We’re just analyzing everyone’s actual words and actions. Sometimes politics can be so, ludicrous. Ludicrous, would that be the right word, Merriam-Webster?

Ridiculous; Lame; Touching; Tragic; Woeful…

Yep, thought so.

Time to go light up your pipe, Jack.



One thought on “DON’T PUFF, MAGIC DRAGON

  1. ReadingAlcove

    I also find it amazing that most states have borrowed or sold their future rights to tobacco settlements to fund their general budgets. If we stamp out every cigarette smoker the whole economy is going to crash.



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