Earth Is Burning Up Because of Cheeseburgers

Well, friends, even though we are tired this morning after yesterday’s cold and wet festival in Ridgeland where we were signing books, we come across another blithering idiot blaming “climate
change” on the most ridiculous of things: cheeseburgers. Yes, according to this dipwad with the IQ
of a crocodile (as in, “his idea is a croc”), eating cheeseburgers causes climate change. While we
can find no scientific theorem or published dissertations to support his claim, we can attest that
eating cheeseburgers does definitely ease hunger pangs (as that is what we ingested yesterday
during said festival, a day which saw the high temperature 12 degrees below average for May 4,
which of course we all know is due to man-made global warming). But, since the global-warming
supporters now use the phrase “climate change” while the midwestern United States is still receiving record snowfall (snow? during “global warming”? in May???) we will probably have to concede that all the cheeseburgers grilled and consumed yesterday were indeed responsible for our local chilling and soaked conditions.

…or Mr. Sirota is just a complete moron. “Eating cheeseburgers causes climate change”, indeed…
we suddenly have the urge to fire up the grill and have cheeseburgers while we watch this
afternoon’s Braves game… provided “climate change” doesn’t rain out the game today the way
“climate change” rained out yesterday’s game…

Here’s the link to the original article:



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