We can’t make this stuff up:

Never trust strangers. That is something most of us were taught by our parents or guardians at an early stage of our life, especially if the stranger says he is a sorcerer who can turn you invisible whilst you rob a bank!

Unfortunately, for one man in Iran, he made the mistake of trusting a fake sorcerer who convinced him that he was invisible and could rob a bank safely. The man explained to the court that he had paid five million rials (just under £290) to a wizard imposter, who in return gave him a set of spells to tie to his arm. The fake sorcerer explained to him that the spells would make him invisible, and that he could then rob banks all he wanted.

The man’s ill-fated attempt to rob the bank started to go wrong after he entered the bank and started randomly snatching money from the hands of customers, before they decided to act quickly and overpower the ill-fated thief.

The man told the court, ‘I made a mistake. I understand now what a big trick was played on me.’

Well, after reading this article, we could only venture to comment:

Why didn’t he go to a real sorcerer instead of a fake sorcerer? Hell, all he would have had to do was say that he hated Obama and was coming to America to kill him and he would have disappeared for real.

An invisibility spell for only $440 (converted from the British pounds in the article)? How many of us have ex-spouses we’d love to spend just $440 to make them permanently invisible???

Hey, dumbass, if you were going to be invisible, why didn’t you just go for the bank tellers’ money drawers for the big bucks (er, rials) instead of the paltry little bit in customers’ hands? This is Iran, after all… who in that country has money besides the ruling terrorists?

All we can do is hope that guy’s invisibility spell kicks in after he goes to jail… he may want to disappear before he becomes the head prisoner’s personal bee-yatch…



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