michelle obama vacation
So, we read this morning that First Lady Michelle Obama (the unelected “expert” on all foods’ nutritional values and self-proclaimed chief executive on what foods restaurants and retailers can sell) is deciding to take an extended vacation to Martha’s Vineyard. This extended vacation is, of course, right after a two-week vacation in Hawaii and a ski vacation in Aspen, Colorado… on taxpayer dollars, of course, and that’s just this year. Oh, the official response may be that she’s paying her own way, but considering the Obama income is from American taxes, and that Secret Service guards for her and their children are paid for by American taxes, and likely she’ll be flying on a government plane paid for by American taxes, fuel costs paid for by American taxes…

Who among us would love to be able to take extended vacations paid for by others once a month? Um, who among us would love to take a vacation, period? A vacation budget for normal Americans will have half the vacation money spent on fuel (either driving or flying). And while we’re on the topic of budgeting, if you don’t have health insurance you have to budget for an insurance policy or pay a penalty tax with your 2013 tax returns. Of course, if you don’t have a job from the economic conditions of the past 4-plus years (oh, heavens, no, we’re not blaming the President, because his laser-like focus on jobs remains top priority even when he’s on his 100+ weekend golf outings or his multiple vacations every year… but then unemployment has remained twice as high his entire presidency than when George W. Bush left office) you’ve got to find a job before your unemployment benefits run out so you can pay your Obamacare tax.

By contrast, our vacations right now consist of trips to Burger King… Frankly, after gas, Obamacare, and paying for Barack & Michelle’s vacations, that’s all we can afford…



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