There Goes Another Tradition; Thank You, Mr. President



We fondly remember as youngsters our parents taking us to the Parris Island parade grounds to watch the incredible Independence Day fireworks display here in beautiful Beaufort, SC.

In more recent years we’ve watched two fireworks shows: one over Parris Island and another at the Sands in Port Royal over the Beaufort River. The best place to watch both shows was from the opposite side of the river on Bay Street or from the downtown Waterfront Park.

Well, thanks to the brilliance which is our President, the Parris Island 4th of July Fireworks Show is dead The event has been canceled due to the now-infamous “sequestration”, which was President Obama’s idea to begin with.

Of course, it’s more important for President Obama to spend who-knows-how-many-millions of dollars for daily flights to give speeches about who-cares-what.  Just last week he made two trips away from Washington, DC (to New Jersey and Chicago); were they really necessary? Come to recall, we’ve lost count of how many times the President has traveled across the country and globe to give speeches. Think of the 125+ golf trips this president has taken since his 2009 inauguration, never mind the near-monthly vacation trips he and/or the First Lady and Family have taken. (Just check any link on this search page: As we recall, the major media just lambasted former President George W. Bush for around 20 rounds of golf, as well as his occasional trips to his Texas home. Just sayin’, friends…

Sorry, everyone, we’re just a little frustrated—doesn’t it seem better for the President to maybe pass on taking a vacation this month, or just stay in the Capitol for a week, and let the American taxpayers have their annual Independence Day celebration? It really sucks that a long-standing tradition at our fine Marine Corps Recruit Depot has to end because of this President. Thank God for Port Royal! The Marine Corps band will perform there and the show will go on! Just plan to arrive hours early because The Sands has a lot smaller seating area than the Parade Deck…

Just to show you what we’ll not get this year, here’s a link to the inspiring 2012 Parris Island Fireworks Show:

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4 thoughts on “There Goes Another Tradition; Thank You, Mr. President

  1. Beth

    I think that I would rather give up a fireworks display then to not have my son-in-law get paid. If giving up a fireworks display means these young men and women in the armed forces continue to receive a paycheck then so be it. Seems like a small price to pay for freedom.


    1. J & C Wordsmiths Post author

      Oh, good heavens, Beth, you’re preaching to the choir! My Dad was promised FREE healthcare by his recruiter when he joined the Navy back in 1949. All he had to do was serve 30 years. I have held the Bluejackets Manual he was assigned when he joined with that very exact and precise promise… and, of course, the government backed out on its written promise and he has to pay for Tricare and whatever other military insurance he has. The government LIED to my father! Not a surprise, is it? Frankly, our military is not paid anywhere near what it deserves, and our politicians pay themselves luxuriously from the first day and get “retirement” pay if they make only five years in office. Our point is to do away with the government excesses, and to show absurdity by examples of absurdity.


  2. Viola Ryan

    Growing up near DC gives me a different perspective on the sequester. It takes two to compromise and make DC work. The point of the sequester was to force Congress (who had to vote for it) to the table to get things done. The President’s mistake was thinking that anything would matter to the Republicans who control Congress (through the majority in the House and the filibuster in the Senate). This Congress makes the “Do Nothing” Congress under Truman look like they did something. The only thing this congress does is repeatedly repeal Obamacare and filibuster.

    It is rather simplistic to blame the President for this. The President, no matter who is in office, gets the credit and blame for all legislation. Congress sure acted fast when it was the Air Traffic controllers who were furlowed, thus delaying flights and causing the rich problems. Honestly, Congress should have used this as motivation to fix the sequester rather than voted for the FAA to make other cuts, such as to security. The Citizen’s United decision made things even worse in DC.

    The whole situation is garbage, but what do you expect when one part of the government’s goal is to keep the government from functioning?

    Now as to the money for the military. My husband is Coast Guard, so I know a bit about this. Their pay CANNOT be touched by the sequester. Let me repeat that. Military pay is not on the table. It is easy to pull scare tactics, but the details of the sequester are well documented for those who want to look at the CBOs recommendations. Same with Tricare. If you are interested, check out:


    1. J & C Wordsmiths Post author

      Very true, Viola, and thanks for the reminder that military pay cannot be cut. We are the first here to thank your husband for his service and you for your support!

      Section 8 of the US Constitution clearly outlines what the government’s financial power is, specifically the “Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence (sic) and general Welfare of the United States”, before listing its other details in that same section. In that statement the federal government is bound to protect the country, and any measure of logic easily determines that means taking care of the men and women who serve and defend the country. Our military deserve to be paid a whole lot more, and there’s no reason there should be so many living on food stamps.

      You are also correct with regard to whom to blame for sequester, to a point. The President originated it. The Republican-led House of Representatives approved, voted, and forwarded it to the Senate. The Democrat-led Senate approved and forwarded it back to the President, who signed it into law. The House could have stopped it in its tracks right then, absolutely… and then the President and the media would have been all over the House Republicans for not doing anything about the budget, no? It’s all politics, full of professional career politicians regardless of party affiliation, and the whole lot of them should go and let’s go back to a government as originally conceived by the Founding Fathers: serve one or two terms and let someone else take over your House or Senate seat.

      Our point again is the excess of government. Section 6 of the Constitution allows for the compensation of services for members of Congress. It does not specifically say anything about taxpayer dollars to be spent on politician’s junkets and vacations, asinine video spoofs produced by the IRS, as our government has evolved to today. We’ll criticize John McCain just as much for his trip to Syria as we do Barack Obama’s weekly golf trips, because we had to pay for it all. And for them to say they paid for any of it themselves is in itself technically incorrect, as their salaries come from taxpayers, too.

      These are our conclusions and opinions based upon our individual research, persona upbringing, study, and observations of our elected officials via innumerable media sources. We value your opinion, and any others who wish to opine, and accept them with the same respect we hope ours are accepted by others.

      Thank you!



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