Our boss, Addison D. Catt, Esq., held our weekly office meeting a day early to address the writing staff’s creative posting on Monday.

Addison meeting face

“The weekly meeting of J&C Wordsmiths will now come to order.

“First order of business: All right, you two, I hope you had fun yesterday with your purrfectly controversial blog post. You know ball-of-yarn well that you’ve got a novel to finish before the end of the year, and instead you spend time trying to be cuter than me and picking on our poor president and his multiple vacations.

“If you absolutely have to write nonsensical stuff, at least write about something that is absolutely most important: the lack of cats in the White House. Yes, I am absolutely serious. The current president has insulted the entire feline population. He had the gall to promise his children that if he won the election he would get a pet. Did it have to be a dog? It should have been a cat!

“He could still have gone on all his vacations and not have to worry about someone having to walk the cat. By the way, has anyone seen him walking his victory pooch? He could have gotten a cat with the same results to date. A cat would have just found a place to curl up and sleep eighteen hours a day, and only come out when everyone is asleep and then make a lot of noise right before the 3 a.m. calls so that he’d be really irritable after being awakened two times in a row.

“If you have to write about the president, you should point out that even though George W. Bush is to blame for all problems today, at least Bush did the right thing and had his American shorthair, India “Willie”, occupying the position of First Cat.

“Everything goes so much better when you have a cat to skritch on the head and purr in your lap, right? If you two have to take a stand on an issue, try cat-equality in the Oval Office!

“Now, get back to work on the next murder in LATRODECTUS or so help me I’ll scratch your skin right off your shins!

“This meeting is adjourned. I need to get some catnip now…”




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