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In the world of writing, one must research every minute detail to assure accuracy, no matter the subject. “Write what you know,” they say. Does that mean J&C Wordsmiths are sociopaths / psychopaths / serial murderers? Yikes! Heavens no! However, we do a tremendous amount of research for our novels, since our protagonists are chasing after very complicated serial killers. The subject has been an interest for us for many years (oh, about 35 or 45 years, but who’s counting?) and we’ve never lost interest. The more psychological, suspenseful, and thrilling the book, the better. Throw in a tremendous amount of cat and mouse chases, twists and turns, some disturbing and often volatile circumstances, and our TASK FORCE series may be someone’s genre of interest. In our opinion, a “good book” is one that tells a rivetting, compelling story… or, in our case, many stories that all cleanly lead to the finale. In all our novels (published and those still in the writing phase) we try to get the reader inside the head of those murderers, to put the reader in the killer’s shoes from the killer’s childhood on up. We want the reader to feel compassion for what our villains go through, what turns them into the killers they eventually become. Our goal is to get the reader to LOVE to HATE them, HATE to LOVE them, feel sorry for them and their psyches are molded into evil personalities, and fear the monsters they become. Attention to detail is one of the most critical components to create a book that’s worth reading. We want the readers to get into the moment, see it, feel it, touch it, taste it, smell it, and become a part of the world that they’re reading. We spend a lot of intensive time on the last paragraph of each chapter, even the last sentence, to make it so intriguing that putting down the book for the night is not an option! We want our readers so entrenched in the story that they can’t wait to get to the next page, the next chapter, even the next book in the series! As writers, we not only wish to intrigue our readers with a solid entertaining suspense story, we also want to educate. As part of our serial-killer-personality research, we found an interesting article written by Jim Edwards of the Science Section of the Business Insider, dealing specifically with sociopaths (not psychopaths, they’re two different things, but kind of similar). He put together a short question/answer transcription that may help us understand how to spot some tendencies of a sociopath. We use this test on our own villains! Beware: it could be your boss, your spouse, your child, the next-door neighbor, the mail carrier, your best friend… even yourself! Many times, we’d never suspect these people! Here’s the sociopath test that Mr. Edwards put together. Read the questions – don’t cheat – the answers are at the bottom – see how much you really know… QUESTIONS 1          Are you superficially charming and intelligent? 2          Do you have delusions or other signs of irrational thinking? 3          Are you overly nervous, or do you have other neuroses? 4          Are you reliable? 5          Do you tell lies or say insincere things? 6          Do you feel remorse or shame? 7          Is your behavior anti-social for no good reason? 8          Do you have poor judgment, and fail to learn from experience? 9          Are you pathologically egocentric, and incapable of love? 10        Do you generally lack the ability to react emotionally? 11        Do you lack insight? 12        Are you responsive to others socially? 13        Are you a crazy party fiend? 14        Do you make false suicide threats? 15        Is your sex life impersonal, trivial, or poorly integrated? 16        Have you failed to follow a life plan? ANSWERS 1          For sociopaths, the answer to this question is yes. 2          For sociopaths, the answer is no. They’re super-rational, coldly so. 3          Sociopaths are rarely nervous or anxious. They aren’t scared of risk. 4          Sociopaths are unreliable. 5          Sociopaths are comfortable not telling the truth when it suits them. 6          Sociopaths rarely feel guilt. 7          Sociopaths may have “inadequately motivated antisocial behavior.” 8          Sociopaths think they’re smarter than everyone else, but they take risks the rest of us would not and don’t learn from punishment. 9          Sociopaths are. 10        Sociopaths don’t experience emotions the way the rest of us do. 11        Sociopaths aren’t self-reflective or meditative. 12        Interestingly, sociopaths often have to fake their reactions and responses to the rest of us in order to get through their days without being “spotted.” 13        Sociopaths engage in “fantastic and uninviting behavior with drink and sometimes without.” Sociopaths often crave (meaningless) sex more than the rest of us. 14        Yep, sociopaths are drama queens. 15        Sociopaths lack the ability to love. 16        Sociopaths have difficulty holding down jobs. (It requires long-term obligations to others.) Read more on sociopathic behavior at: Of course, those who exhibit one or more of these, or similar, traits are not necessarily sociopaths! OH! BE LOOKING FOR OUR LATEST TASK FORCE NOVEL, COMING SOON: “THE LATRODECTUS MURDERS”. It’s going to be a creepy/crawly experience! Make sure you keep the lights on! Like our blog? Leave us a note! Start a discussion! Give us some “likes” on our sites! Click “Share” on your Facebook page! Our novels/short stories can be found on Amazon, Books-a-Million, Barnes & Noble, independent bookstores nationwide, and worldwide. If you happen to read one, please rate us on Amazon—it would be a great favor! We’re pleased to report we’re STILL holding that 5-star average on Amazon!



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