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Well, we know it’s been a while since we’ve made a blog entry… we got kinda busy with Halloween and Christmas and New Year’s and winter conditions in the Deep South due to groundhog-predicted ass-freezing as a proof of man-made global warming… BUT, we’re back now and plan to be regular here again.

So, we’re starting 2014 with an observation about healthcare. The J-half of J&C Wordsmiths, Jack, spent a lifetime all but free of prescription medication except on rare limited instances. Unfortunately, aging caught up to him and in less than a year he went from prescription-free to three different prescriptions per day. He began to notice the preponderance of all the medicine commercials on TV, including one he now takes, and logical Prescription medication costs a lot of money, even with an insurance policy that covers much of the price. And all those prescription commercials cost money to produce and money to air over and over on all those broadcast and cable channels. Does anyone believe those commercials are done for the good of the consumer? Come on, do you really want to start taking a medicine with a thousand possible side-effects that would make you feel worse than you might feel? The cost of producing and distributing and airing those commercials is passed on to the consumer. How much do you think your prescription would cost you if there was no company expenses put toward producing commercials and distribution costs? Your doctor will ultimately decide what’s best for you if you’re sick, there’s no reason for you to think that you need a drug when in reality you probably need nothing more than a change in diet.

By additional extension, when you think about the rising costs of everything in your lives, consider how much all those commercials cost to cast, film, edit, print, copy, distribute and the various airing rates in the breaks of high-rated shows and even the low costs of overnight shows that just fill the airwaves when most people are asleep. Companies are in business to make money, period. They will spend money in order to make money with intent to make more money on their products than all the costs, including advertising. Now, there’s absolutely no problem with making profits, because that’s what makes companies grow and expand and hire new employees in what remains of the free market. But medicines are not freely available on in the retail market, they are controlled substances. So is it really necessary to advertise them on every channel when only doctors can authorize their distribution?

We both hate having to take prescriptions, but it wouldn’t be so bad if they just cost less… and THAT is the first step to a more affordable health care plan, not a total takeover of the healthcare system by a President and Congress who passed a health care bill into law without reading it…


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