Book Signings and Bikinis


Ah, springtime, how we awaited thee and revel at your arrival… although, we could do without all the bloody pollen! Fortunately, the April showers have been plentiful and the powered green has given way to the grassy green… and weedy green… and tree leafy green… we know, it’s also to bring May flowers, but it ain’t May yet!
With spring we also welcome our first book signing events of 2014! We just participated in the first of the year, the new Folly Beach Wine and Sign founded by friend and fellow author Diann Shaddox. What a beautiful day and way to start the book-signing season! There were copious blue skies, tourists, visitors, and diners on the famous Folly Beach Pier, as well as a myriad of literary and artistic talent for a day on the Pier outside Locklear’s Beach Bar and Grill. While there was the occasional musing of where the girls kept their wallets in their tiny bikinis, we didn’t care because we’ll take money wet or dry, and credit cards are always accepted!
We’ll be a little drier for our next appearance, at least dry from the ocean, at this Saturday’s Annual Palmetto Electric Meeting / Festival at 4063 Grays Highway, Ridgeland, SC, from noon to 6 p.m. Saturday’s forecast is for sunny at 76 after a three days of rain, so the grass may be damp but otherwise the spirits and customers’ spirits should be soaring! We hope for more pockets with wads of cash (since, being inland, we won’t be dealing with bikini-clad folks with no pockets… then again, with that forecast temp, we just might!) to buy not only our books but the works of all the local vendors… but especially our books, yes.
Most of all we love to meet new people. Even if they don’t buy our books, they will at least leave knowing they had a good conversation and visit with two local authors who are having as much fun as they are.
And we’re not even wearing bikinis…!


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