The Art of Exposing Ourselves In Public

It’s a cloudy Tuesday morning as we sit under our tent at the Frampton Plantation / South Carolina Tourism Office for another day of book sales. The skies are cloudy, and so far today the visitors have been far fewer in number than this time yesterday. The peace and tranquility of the morning provides inspiration for reflection…

What are we doing here? We’re trying to expose ourselves to everyone… get your minds out of the gutter, we are not undressing in front of visitors! No, we are here to introduce ourselves to visitors at this beautiful plantation from across the country as well as other countries. We’re still newbies at this author career we’ve established for ourselves so it’s part of our job to put ourselves in peoples’ faces, as politely as possible at all times of course. We greet people as they come up to the historic house, put business cards and bookmarks in their hands, tell them about the site, and invite them to tour the grounds.

We do also tell them about our books on sale. That’s part of why we’re here.

The key thing here is about expectations. This is our business plan: we will get our business cards and bookmarks in peoples’ hands. Easy enough, and zero percent chance of disappointment, because even if it’s a slow day and only one person shows up and gets our cards our day is a success.

Our second expectation is not what one would expect to hear from someone trying to make sales: we always expect to sell nothing on any given day. We have, in fact, had days when despite our best efforts we sold nothing, so we were therefore not disappointed because we expected no sales. That means, conversely, that any sales we actually do make on any given day are beyond expectation! That little discipline in mind prevents disappointment and permits celebration for any sales made.

Sorry, gotta go… customers are coming!



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