Obama Has Confined Cyndi In Her House


Oh, yeah, we mean it! The media (except Fox News and The Washington Times) passed on covering another new regulatory law Obama signed that did not come from Congress, giving the Environmental Protection Agency complete authority over all waterways in the United States (http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/may/27/obama-admin-asserts-dominion-over-creeks-streams-w/). In essence, any water on the ground now is the dominion of the EPA and the Obama Administration.

Now, before the lampooning begins, we will state upfront here that the new power-grab by this President does exempt things like construction ditches, yard puddles, and other geophysical depressions which hold water only temporarily. But any permanent ponds, creeks, tributaries, and so on… well, plan to be watched by someone from the EPA from now on.

On to the lampooning:

We had quite the rain last night here in the South Carolina Lowcountry, and the differences between Jack’s and Cyndi’s homes are striking.

Jack’s house sits on one of the highest pieces of land in Beaufort County (and then another four feet higher above ground level thanks to his house’s crawlway) so he never worries about flooding; when heavy rains cause water to rise in his yard, the water is usually gone within 15 or 20 minutes following the rain’s conclusion (after a tropical storm or hurricane, make that about 30 minutes). In fact, the end of his street is almost at water level, so we know where his rainwater goes.

Cyndi’s house, on the other hand, is all but at water level, even with its six-foot elevated base. Even when her cats go outside to do their “bizness” the yard floods! This morning, after a night of rain and thunderstorms, the pond in her front yard overflowed all the way to her steps (that pond is a good 100 feet away). She woke this morning to find an EPA agent wearing environmentally-friendly waders standing in the middle of her front yard with an arrest warrant and AK47 should she or any of her cats put one toe in the new lake which is her front yard now. The amount of water in her flooded yard could possibly contain new species of fresh-water fish which are also on the endangered list, and if her cats catch even one, said cat would be confiscated and taken to a feline containment center (jail) and Cyndi would go to jail (human confinement center). Apparently, property ownership is over-ridden by the EPA when it comes to “clean water” now (but then, who the hell in Jasper County would ever call the ground water in her neighborhood “clean for human use”???). However, in just the time it’s taken to write this, the water has receded about six feet from her steps and the EPA agent has stepped back three feet, totally unaware of the alligator behind him. That is not a croc…

So, in this time of police no longer policing because the officers now fear being arrested and jailed and put on trial for doing their jobs, our Government has decided to bypass Congress – AGAIN — and instead put all water within the boundaries of the 50 United States under absolute federal control. When you go camping now, you cannot touch the water in creeks or streams! You cannot step into the tidal ponds on the beach! You cannot spit into streams! You cannot build new docks! Have we lost our freedom to a power-grabbing leadership?… Don’t they know the next President can undo every executive order or action? Unless we’re stuck with “you-know-who”… then it’s a moot problem…


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