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Sit in that corner because you didn’t do it…


We read this morning that 6.6 million Americans paid the Obamacare fine / tax for not having health insurance in 2014. (http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-07-15/obamacare-fines-paid-by-6-6-million-taxpayers-more-than-planned)

We’ll let that sink in: Americans were financially penalized for NOT doing something.

Now, we’re not going to debate here on the “benefits” of Obamacare; that’s frankly been debated to death. We will state, however, that we have yet to see our annual premiums go down $2500, as President Obama promised at least 23 times across the country before his Affordable Care Act was signed into law; if anything, our annual healthcare costs have skyrocketed. Yeah, we know it’s because we’re both experiencing downturns of our physical standard due to natural forces beyond our control to prevent, but still that’s what the president promised! Of course, there is absolutely nothing in the ACA that legislates family premiums are to go down $2500, so the president was being a politician, making oral promises that were never meant to be kept. But the ACA demands that Americans pay penalties for NOT having insurance.

The Supreme Court said it was Constitutional because the Obama Administration said the penalty was a tax, and Congress can impose any tax it damn well pleases. And the Democrat-controlled Congress sent this massive takeover of the American health system to the Democrat president to sign into law.

So 6.6 million Americans paid a tax passed by Democrat-contolled Congress and Executive branch because they DIDN’T do something.

Aren’t laws and punishments supposed to be for doing something wrong as opposed to not doing something?

When we were children, our parents explained to us that insurance is something you purchase as a cushion in case of emergency. Now, of course, state laws require one to have car insurance to have a license tag and drive on the streets. You don’t have to have car insurance if you don’t have a car to drive. You don’t have to have life insurance to live. You don’t HAVE to have home insurance if you own a home, but without it you run the risk of having no way to repair or replace your home in case of a disaster. You don’t have to have renter’s insurance if you rent a home or apartment.

But you HAVE to have health insurance if you are an American citizen. 6.6 million Americans didn’t have health insurance in 2015 and had to pay a tax.

We had health insurance, and we didn’t see a savings of $2500 in our premiums, but we didn’t have to pay a tax. Of course, without the insurance policies we already had had for years long before anyone heard of Barack Obama our health costs would have been in the multi-tens of thousands of dollars last year.

6.6 million Americans paid a tax because they DIDN’T do something.

Insurance was taught to us to be a choice. 6.6 million Americans chose NOT to buy a product ordered by the federal government and paid a penalty tax. They did not, however, have to pay penalty taxes for not having life insurance, home insurance, car insurance, renter’s insurance, farting insurance, belching insurance, stupidity insurance, or any other insurance.

6.6 million Americans were punished because they did not do something. Maybe they were rich enough to be able to pay for their own medical bills (you do realize that if you pay for your doctor’s visit in full the price is usually less than if submitted to insurance companies, don’t you?) or they didn’t have the money to buy health insurance after paying the rest of their regular monthly bills.

We tried to think back to the last time there was institutional punishment in the United States for NOT doing something…

Oh yeah, there was.

It was called “slavery”…